Hello stranger! Welcome to the homepage of John C. Allwein - although, you probably know me as johnnyapol or formerly as the “Unkn0wn0ne”.

About Me

I am currently a Firmware Engineering Intern @ Western Digital in their eHDD division.

As of Fall 2018, I am currently a student Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, New York pursuing a Computer Science & Economics dual major. I also have worked in the CS department as an undergraduate TA / programming mentor for various courses, such as CSCI1200: Data Structures, CSCI4961: Open Source Software, and CSCI4120: Operating Systems.

My resume can be found here.


You can find my blog, “Thoughts”, by clicking here

Current Projects

Developer & System Adminstrator on Torn.Space

Creator & Developer of EnjoyTroyBot

Former Projects

libGDX Team Member, Active: November 2013 - Mid 2015

Former Creator & Maintainer of ShootingWatch

Former Creator & Maintainer of Markov Chain Politics

Contact Me

I can be found on freenode IRC under the name notjohnnyapol. I am usually active under ##networking and #libgdx. Feel free to leave a PM. I can be emailed at john@johnnyapol.me

My PGP public key can be found here